No one ships jongkey harder than jonghyun and Kibum. No. One.

The sauce can never be left out when eating nacho chips~!
I am nacho chip! Jonghyun is the sauce! Do we match too well?
— Key seriously (via kimkeylyde)


tbh im just waiting for jonghyun to show up on wgmg and bring either roo or one of key’s dogs and be like “touch them arisa, touch them. yeah, that’s right, they’re gonna friggin bite you if you touch my man” or he’ll sit in between them with this ‘don’t go near my bestboyfriend’ look

Spring comes, into this street
Spring comes, between us
Our flustered hearts rises


we will always find each other .

You truly are my lover and best friend.




He says the only reason their relationship can’t be called dating is because they’re both guys. And since we all know that’s not a reason why not to be dating…

"Do we match too well?" -Key

cute jongkey moments ♡