#happyjongkeyday <3


You and me, the two of us inside good memories
We’re laughing, we’re crying..
We’ve shared so many moments together.

ok, so im just gonna go ahead and write this because i just need to let this out and since i have no friends that ship jongkey, im just gonna write it here.

i just want to express how much i fucking love them. I do. so so much. They make me so happy. seriously, it’s kind of scary how happy they make me. I don’t ship them just because they look cute ( but ugh they do) or because they are hot (BUT GOD DAMN THEY ARE), but because they are something i’ve never seen before. The way they look at each other ////KILL ME/// the way they talk about each other (compliments or disses lmao) the way they touch, everything. it’s my ideal kind of relationship. I just love their dynamic so much. The way their personalities are total opposites, but in a way they complete each other i just???  Im not saying they are gay, im not saying they are dating, I don’t know if they are or ever been involved romantically, but I do know how much they love and care for each other. and thats what i love about them so much. Their relationship is so different from the relationship they have with the other members. Probably someone who doesn’t ship jongkey will read this and will think im just “another delusional jongkey shipper” ((( i bet on that))) but i can also bet that if you were able to sit with me in front of a computer, i could turn you into a jongkey shipper in less than an hour, or at least make you think about certain things. If I could just show you and explain you all the things ///little things and details/// us shippers notice, -cause it’s exactly those little things that make this ship so fucking precious- .. all the things that allows us to be “delusional” if you want to call it like that.
Today I was talking with my friend who knows absolutely nothing about kpop or jongkey and i was showing her pics and even she said there’s something there lol. This doesnt mean anything of course but still it made me happy. I dare to say they make up 50% of my happiness as crazy as it may sound.

Anyways, im just writing this bc i have a lot of feels ok. it’s jongkey day and im going crazy bc they are kdjfksdjfklsdj u gh

I just know that I’m never going to stop shipping them. I’ll always believe in them. Call me delusional all you want, (((and i may be sometimes bc hey i like to imagine things let me be happy))) but i know when im not.

sooooo, happy jongkey day, fellow jongkey shippers.

let’s keep supporting this beautiful flawless otp, and let’s keep dying from their gorgeousness lol


Roll those hips


Salome´s Real Madrid kit

Nowadays wenever someone tries to show me the new pics of hetero T.O.P for Reebok




This is the funniest thing to ever happen to Canada

I have never been prouder to be Canadian



if you tickle me it’s either going to lead to kissing or an extreme act of violence



KANGDAESUNG : ‘I really love food.’ pt.3


Pro tip: Watch Ouran High School Host Club when you are sad because it makes everything better

CL's cam in GD's OOAK World Tour Making